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Tube Launch is a new service that was launched earlier this year, and even with it’s limited time being up and running, they have already got thousands of users registered and subscribed to their service! Tube Launch targets specific YouTube audiences to promote various products, and offers you significant amounts of cash for both creating and uploading YouTube videos! Read on to hear my personal experience with the service!tubelaunch-picture-placement

When I was first introduced to Tube Launch by an online friend, I was very skeptical about the site and I wondered for days if it was just another scam website claiming to help you earn money from home! As the days went on, I grew more and more desperate for money to pay off my student loans; eventually I gave in and decided to give Tube Launch a try!

At first, I did not know where to start with the service, I had purchased a membership and was not entirely sure what to do next. Fortunately for me, their customer support section was more than helpful to me and told me everything I needed to know to get started! How Tube Launch works is, in order for you to make money you have to promote various products using YouTube videos.

Now, this can sound a little frightening or even boring at first, but believe me, I am NO marketer! I have never worked in retail, but I have managed to get countless sales with my videos in just a matter of a few weeks.

Tube Launch has a products section, where you can choose which products you would like to promote. There is literally hundreds of products here, the trick is to find ones that you think will appeal to your audiences! You can try as many as you want, and don’t worry, it took me a good few 10 products at first to find that right one!

As soon as I had a couple of videos up and running on my YouTube account, I could not wait to start earning money! I began to slowly promote my videos to my friends, and asked them to then share it on with their friends. Little did I know, this made my videos blow up with popularity! In just a few days I had gotten my first few sales on a certain product, I was so overwhelmed and excited to see my work was actually paying off. In just my first two weeks of using Tube Launch, I had managed to earn $274 in my paypal account, baring in mind I live in the UK, but that still translates to £180!

So if you are reading this article, chances are you have found Tube Launch already, and are researching now to find out if the service is worth it! Well I can tell you right now, if you visit YouTube almost daily and are looking for an extra source of income, it’s a no-brainer! This service can be absolutely brilliant, even more so if you already have a few hundred subscribers on your YouTube channel!

So what are you waiting for?! You are just a couple of steps away from making money with YouTube! Whether you are an Internet entrepreneur or just a teenager like me looking to make some extra cash, Tube Launch CAN give you that opportunity, it just depends how well you use it! ;)

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4.5 / 5 stars     

8 thoughts on “Tube Launch Review

  1. really informative review man, thanks! I’ve been with tube launch for a little over a week now and I do really like it. Seems easy to use and the methods are explained in a pretty awesome way (videos and such).

    Their site has been down the past day though, however it has just came back up. I guess they must get quite a lot of traffic sometimes, glad it’s working again now!

  2. I have also noticed the site was down that day, but it seems to be working fine again now! I really love tube launch, they have taught me a lot about video marketing and I have already seen some profit! :)

  3. One of my best purchases of this year, got so much information from their website I finally think I am ready to start my video marketing career! Wish me luck guys :D

  4. Nice! I knew about tube launch before I found this site so good to see it on here :) I have used them for about a month now and my videos are earning a nice amount. Nothing massive but just enough to classify it as an income, I recommend using this service too if you like youtube!

  5. Sounds great! I’ve just taken a look at their website and it does look interesting (besides the corny sales video lol). I had a little chat with their support team to ask a few questions and they seem really friendly.

    Seems like a great opportunity!

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  7. I’ve been following their service for about a month now and it’s pretty impressive how many people they got on board now! I hope they don’t get too many people signing up or anything!

    I got 4 videos up on my account now with a good few views on them (but I haven’t made that much from them). I’m just waiting for more viewers! If anyone has any tips that would be great :P

  8. Im really enjoying tube launch so far, I like that most of the instructions are presented in videos, makes it easier to follow :)
    Just waiting for my videos to really pick up, I’m going to keep uploading while I wait however!

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